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 Acquire and Unlock the SECRETS to creating content, courses, coaching programs, and creating your Family bank SO THAT you can GROW your business, live well now, and leave a legacy. 

LIVE! Just 5 Days, 60 Minutes A Day – May 6th - 10th, 2024

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Create assets that work for you. Acquire and Unlock the secrets to building assets that can boost your income and secure your financial future so leaving a legacy can be a reality.

LIVE! Just 5 Days, 60 Minutes A Day – April 22nd - 126th, 2024

Is "The LIVE and LEAVE a LEGACY Asset Creation" Challenge

For Me And My Business...??

YES! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • ​Have An Established Business; However, You Only Get Paid When You Work. If you dream of having passive income streams, you'll want to be part of this challenge. Learn how to create assets that generate money while you sleep."
  • Have Content And With The Right Support It Can Be Convert To A Cash Asset. Assets like articles, videos, and ebooks can help you engage your audience and generate leads. Leads convert to cash.
  • Published A Book And Want to Earn Thousands and NOT Hundreds. This challenge can help you turn your expertise into valuable assets online courses and coaching platforms.
  • Have A Product or Product Idea That Is NOT Being Monetized. Struggling to differentiate your business in a crowded market, participating in this challenge can help you create unique assets like, quick reference ebookst that set you apart.
  • ​​Determined To Leave A Legacy Yet Struggling To Make It Happen. If you're committed to leaving legacy and want to utilize your business process with "Your Secret Sauce" that can be funded by "your Family bank" while contributing to building your wealth.

If You Wish To Leave a Legacy and Create Business Assets That Are Convertible To Cash. An asset is any item of ownership that can be converted to cash.  Key words are items of ownership. Are you ready to create your business assets?

Then This Challenge Will Show You How!

From: Alex Thompson

Imagine if I revealed to you the enigma behind my triumph…

...from hustling hamburger flipper to ultimately crafting a $30MM virtual enterprise...

...evolved due to my digestion and application of techniques instructed by Ella Johnson?

No kidding – if I were to classify my peak 10 most VICTORIOUS fragments of advertising content I’ve ever composed…

Every Single One Was an Advertising Resource I Formulated Post Immersing Myself in Ella Johnson's Material.

Even the fundamentals I embraced from Lucas Smith of WebSales Inc. were ideas he acquired from Ella, but splendidly streamlined.

And that's the quandary…

Let’s acknowledge reality – text crafting can be challenging.

Even if you're versed in the "victorious cues" to supply any A.I. contraption you decide upon…

The copy nevertheless emerges resembling an extraterrestrial striving to pose as "human."

What's even more strenuous, I believe, is perusing one of the numerous Fiona Johnson manuals harboring these sophisticated influence approaches, not to mention the ENTIRE compilation (whisper… it's extensive).


If your essence is akin to mine, you recognize the distress of destitution. You're also aware…

the most affluent individuals master the art, peruse volumes

and attain exceptionally adept proficiency in their pursuits.

However, that's simpler to articulate than to execute, and here's the rationale…

In today's era, you encounter 50,000 social media missives, Slack alerts, TikTok and Instagram calculations bewildering your mind yada yada yada... it's ceaseless.

...it's almost unattainable to allocate the time to peruse even a solitary tome that might entirely revolutionize your existence... not to mention PUT INTO PRACTICE the wisdom gleaned from that tome!

Moreover, when you factor the equation…

So, if you can equip your kid with an iPad, offer your dog one of those lengthy chewy bones, and send your partner to the spa or maybe your spouse to the golf course...

I assure you, I can engineer such a profound shift in your marketing... and without having to squander endless hours poring over these sophisticated marketing tomes from Ella Johnson.

Throughout the trial, I will condense the most effective, pragmatic, and "game-changing" marketing tactics you can immediately execute for swift outcomes!

Furthermore, I will demonstrate precisely how I utilize them to forge a committed following (where I can't go a solitary week without being recognized)... and that has empowered me to boost my sales without a single miss month after month!

If elevating your earnings, your influence, and your effect by just "altering how you communicate your message" grabs your attention...

Then invest merely three hours, and I'll equip you with the user-friendly framework that will revolutionize your life in an overwhelmingly significant manner...

Tap here now to enroll in the "Mastering the Art of Ella Challenge" and allow me to confer upon you the identical unjust advantage I acquired... all within just three hours.

Meet you in the challenge,

[Your Name Here]

What You'll Learn During The Challenge!

DAY #1:

Identify Profitable Assets

Are you ready to unlock the secret to generating sustainable wealth through business asset creations? This is your gateway to discovering the your untapped potential for innovation. Learn to transform your visionary ideas into profitable assets. This is your chance to build a foundation that will empower you to create a diverse portfolio of assets, all starting from the ground up.

Dive deep into the art and science of asset identification with our expert-led training designed to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to spot high-value opportunities. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a creative thinker, this session will open your eyes to the possibilities that lie in creating content, courses, coaching programs, and creating your Family bank using income generating tools, and using the money you already have, and more. Don't miss out on this transformative experience that could redefine your financial future.

Our 1932 Buick Country Club Coupe

DAY #2:

Create Digital Products

From concept to launch, learn the ins and outs of developing digital products that resonate with your target audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace. This is your opportunity to activate the skills needed to design, develop, and deploy digital products that not only meet market needs but also drive revenue. Your intellectual property has value!

Our expert guidance will walk you through the latest tools (AI), technologies, and strategies essential for creating compelling digital products. By the end of this session, you can have one to three digital assets or more. Digital assets that can generate passive income and contribute to your financial growth. 

DAY #3:

Launch Online Courses

Discover the secrets to creating engaging, high-quality courses that captivate students and foster learning. You'll learn how to harness your knowledge and skills, package them into compelling online courses, and reach a global audience eager to learn from you.

Transform your passion into profit and position yourself as an authority in your field. Our targeted training will guide you through the essential steps of designing, marketing, and selling online courses, using proven strategies that maximize student enrollment and satisfaction. Join us to unlock the potential of online education and start building a legacy of knowledge and success.

DAY #4:

Write Compelling Books

This session is tailored for aspiring authors and seasoned writers alike, aiming to transform your ideas into captivating manuscripts that engage readers from the first page to the last.  Learn the secrets behind crafting narratives that resonate for influential non-fiction, or transformative self-help books.

You'll gain insights into structuring your work for maximum impact, effective editing techniques to polish your manuscript, and strategies for navigating the publishing world. By the end of this session, you'll have the confidence and know-how to start and finish your writing journey in record time, armed with the tools to captivate your audience and leave a lasting imprint in the literary world. This session is your stepping stone to literary success.

DAY #5:

Optimize Asset Performance

Creating a powerful financial growth tool we've aptly named "The Family Bank." This innovative strategy is designed to liberate you from the burdens of debt and empower you with the autonomy to fund your business dreams using the resources you already earn. Whether you're looking to break free from financial constraints or seeking sustainable ways to finance your business overhead, this session will illuminate the path toward financial independence and security.

By the end of this enlightening session, you'll be equipped with actionable strategies to optimize your finances, making your money work harder for you. You can create a self-sustaining financial ecosystem. Join us to unlock the secrets of self-funding and achieve the financial freedom you deserve.


During The 5-Day Challenge!

Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

aka: Coach Tina FJ The Asset Creation Coach

Meet Coach Tina FJ, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of coaching experience, 2000+ coaching hours, and a track record as an Amazon Best Seller author. Formerly the Coaching Program Manger and an engineer at NASA for 31 years, Coach Tina FJ is ready to be the coach in your ear, guiding you through the journey of asset creation.

Why Choose Coach Tina FJ?

Extensive Coaching Experience: High Level coaching with Federal Government Executives, Private Sector Executive, High Performing Entrepreneurs, and Aspiring Leaders  Tina FJ brings a wealth of experience to guide you in unlocking your creative potential and strengths on your growth journey.

Engineering Background: Benefits from her insights gained during 31 years of service at NASA. Coach Tina FJ's unique background adds a strategic and analytical edge to the coaching process.

Entrepreneurs & Professionals: Conducting personal and professional develop training for more than three decades. 

Esteem Family: Wife to Dr. Willis J. for 40 years in 2024 and the mother of two amazing young ladies. We make our home in Maryland. 

Dr. Willis Jenkins

aka: Dr. Wilis J 

Meet Dr. Willis J, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of executive management and motivating skills.  Formerly NASA's Explores Program Executive and an engineer at NASA for 30 years.  Dr. J is our numbers guy, a dynamic researcher and motivator. He is the support you want when creating your asset.

Why Choose Dr. Willis J?

Author: The Mathematics Of Marriage
Antique Automobiles Asset Owner: He has been the 1932 Buick Advisor for 20+ years.

Engineering Background: Benefits from his insights gained during 30 years of service at NASA as a Senior Executive and as an Electrical Engineer. Dr. Willis J's unique background adds a strategic and analytical edge to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Esteem Family: Husband to Coach Tina FJ for 40 years in 2024 and the father of two amazing young ladies. We make our home in Maryland.

Your Chance To Create Cash Using Assets To Live And Leave a Legacy...

Using Asset Creation techniques...


Ready To Create Assets and Start Building Your Legacy Now?

What You Can Expect From The Challenge

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • ​Perplexed by working endless hours and not enough fun time.​
  • ​Frustrated with having the creativity but not knowing simply solutions to have that creativity work for you.
  • Tired of working alone without a supportive community.
  • ​​Unable to visualize how to leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren.​

AFTER The Challenge:

  • ​​Harnessing YOUR genius and creativity​ with astonishing outcomes!​
  • ​Foreseeable assets that attract patrons and customers on autopilot!
  • ​​Effortlessly crafting your own content with free tools!​
  • ​​​Roll out triumphant asset after triumphant asset like it's effortless!


When You Sign Up For The LIVE and LEAVE a LEGACY
Asset Creation Challenge

  • ​​ 5 days of high level training with the goal of each motivated participate to create one - three assets by the end of the challenge. ($1,700 Value)
  • FREE entry to our confidential Asset Creation FaceBook Group (INVALUABLE!)
  • ​​FREE! Five Hours of Asset Creation Group coaching with Coach Tina FJ And Dr. Willis J. for the VIPs. ($1,597 Value)

Normally: $3,297

TODAY'S VIP PRICE: $397 $297.00​


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

General Admission  



7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

VIP Daily Experience  



8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

General Admission  



7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

VIP Daily Experience  



General Admission

Here's What You Get...

  • ​5 Days Of Asset Training With Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins
  • ​Access To Asset Creation FB Group
  • ​Millionaire Mindset Summary
  • ​Bootstrap Your Dream: Essential Skills for the Modern Entrepreneur - Discover how to turn passion into profit with fundamental strategies, humor, and core principles.

VIP Experience

Here's What You Get...

  • ​5 Days Of Asset Creation Training With Dr. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins and Dr. Willis Jenkins.
  • ​Access To Asset Creation FB Group ​
  • ​Millionaire Mindset Summary​
  • ​VIP Daily Backstage Pass to Watch And Learn From The Zoom Q&A As Coach Tina FJ & Dr. Willis J Answers Questions
  • ​Quick Asset Portfolio Guide
  • ​Digital Copy of The roBot Book Writing Method
  • ​First Access To Purchase An Upgraded Platinum VIP Ticket to get 30 extra minutes of focused Q&A scheduled directly after one of the challenge days (seats very limited)​
  • ​​TAC Prize Galore: Participate & Win Prizes
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